Procedure for Exchange of Deliver Order and/or Import FCL Release Order

1. 1. For exchange of Delivery Order and/or Import FCL Release Order, an authorized company chop and the following documents should be prepared :
- Original Bill(s) of lading with proper endorsement; or
  Signatory LOI (for Sea Waybill) /LOI (for Telex Release) ; or
  Bank's LOI in lieu of Original Bills of Lading (if accepted); or

- Copy of Business Registration Certificate (if necessary)

- Valid import license/permit (if required)

2. Settlement of freight/charges:

- Any payment by cheque should be drawn to “Yang Ming Line (Hong Kong) Limited”

- 3rd party cheque is not acceptable.

- Any amount exceeding HK$30,000 must be paid by cash or cashier order.

- In case of dishonored cheque, the carrier and/or its agents , may at its discretion, notify terminals to hold cargo until full payments (including the amount outstanding and any additional charge) have been settled

3. Any outstanding demurrage/detention charges must be paid at our inbound counter prior to cargo delivery / empty return.

4. Consignee (or dedicated trucker) should bring along full set of signed Import FCL Release Order to the designated terminals/depots for cargo delivery (advance appointment with terminals/depots is required) within free time offered. The carrier has discretion to transfer the cargo to outside depot without notifying cargo interests.

5. After stripping of cargo, consignee (or dedicated trucker) should bring along the Import Return Order (Empty) to return the empty equipment to our designated depot (as specified on the Import Return Order) within the equipment free-time offered. For damaged container, please call 852-24670729 to check the empty return location. Consignee is liable to any damages on the container that is not shown on the Import FCL Release Order as specified by terminal’s inspector.

6. Terminals/Depots Telephone Number:

- HIT Tel: 852-24078833 (for appointment)

- FLOATA-DEPOT’S’ Tel: 852-35251600 (for appointment)

- RTT Tel: 852-21807888 (for appointment)

- SUN POWER Tel: 852-24670729 (hot line for empty return)

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